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About Pro Sports Trivia

To help us tell you about ourselves, we'd like to ask you a few questions. Now, that's a fun way for us to get to know you and for you to truly meet us.

We do like to ask questions, as you know.

What's Your Favorite Professional Sporting Event?

We know you've got a favorite event that draws a big crowd. Everyone does. What is it? Our faves include

  • The World Series
  • The Stanley Cup
  • The NBA Playoffs
  • The Masters
  • Wimbledon
  • The Daytona 500
  • That big football game we can't name without paying someone

Did we list yours? Which one is it?

No matter which big sporting event you love, you can test your personal knowledge of facts and stats from its history at Pro Sports Trivia.

Which Sport Do You Know More About Than Anyone in Your Life?

Are you the neighborhood source for facts about a pro sport? Tell us which sport:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Auto racing
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Horse racing
  • Winter sports

If you require sports-guru status among your family, coworkers, or neighbors, rely on our site's quizzes and related content.

Which Professional Sport Do You Simply Love to Watch All Season?

Some people only watch championships. True fans dedicate themselves to entire seasons. How else can you make sure to see all the great plays? Highlights are fine, but highlights aren't games, and they don't give you that sense of drama you get from watching a live competition.

With today's technology, you can catch every game of any pro league's full slate. You can devote yourself to a favorite athlete, team, or division. Throughout that journey, you can access our site's quizzes, stats, photos, and rich user experience to enhance the memories you make.

During timeouts, our well-developed quizzes are definitely more fun than sitting through commercials.

Which Sport Do You Want to Explore More?

Sometimes, it's fun to prove what you already know and achieve a high score. Other times, you may want to gain information about a particular sport. Perhaps, you want to establish yourself as your peer group's go-to source for miscellaneous stats about a popular league. We built Pro Sports Trivia to help you.

Are You Filled With Abundant Knowledge From All Professional Leagues?

If you're sure you're the boss of all athletic trivia, you must be here to check your brain against our knowledge base. We hope you're ready for the challenge.

Pro Sports Trivia asks a wide spectrum of questions:

  • Which year was the UEFA Champions League Final first played?
  • What was the NFL originally called?
  • Which two disciplines are combined in the Biathlon World Championships?
  • What is the name of rugby's international tournament?
  • Where did Jim Kelly play before Buffalo?
  • Which country hosted the first Winter Olympics?

If you know those questions' answers without looking for them, you really are a sports guru!

Thank you for visiting Pro Sports Trivia.

Have fun on our ever-expanding site!

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