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Man vs Bull: Guess what…..the MAN usually wins! Bullfighting Trivia

Bullfighting Trivia

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Although I have been to Spain and Mexico numerous times, I have never witnessed a bullfighting event. Considered more of a cultural event than a sport, those are a couple of the nations where one can view this event that many people consider barbaric. Remember the movie Gladiator? Remember when Commodus stabs Maximus while he is chained up before the fight to weaken him? Well, did you know that in bullfights, before the matador takes on the bull himself, other participants injure the bull first to weaken it. That doesn't seem like a fair deal for the bull now, does it? If you are like me, probably your only familiarity with bullfights was saturday morning Bugs Bunny cartoons from the 1970s! Well, now it's time to test your knowledge of this controversial sport! I am waving my red cape! Time to charge into these questions, but don't worry, if you do poorly, you won't be killed.

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Dave Morrissey

Dave Morrissey

Dave was an accomplished economics instructor in the prestigious International Baccalaureate program for over 2 decades. He is currently a scout, recruiter, coach, and social media creator for a university football team who loves live music, jet skiing, and international travel.

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